Keeping Letter Balloons Inflated

After going through so much pain and investing so much time in selecting good party supplies wholesale, it would, of course, make sense to want all the supplies to look their best throughout the event. Especially the letter balloons and regular balloons. As beautiful and charming as the balloons may look, the biggest problem with them is that they tend to deflate faster when in hot weather specifically during the summer months.

The following are the tips that you can follow in order to make your letter balloons last longer:

1) Always use high quality balloons. Quality definitely makes a major difference in the longevity of the balloons. Don’t be afraid to invest more money in high quality balloons to ensure that they last a longer time. When getting your balloons, whether it is letter balloons or regular round balloons, never get the latex ones. They tend to disintegrate when they are touched. If it’s a kids affair, then it would definitely make sense to not purchase this kind because children love touching and playing around with all party decorations.

letter balloons spelling out "party"

Letter Balloons

2) If you have an event during the summer months then a useful tip to keep in mind would be to underinflate the balloon. The reason why this should be done is because underinflating helps the balloon to be able to expand when absorbing more heat (from the hot weather). You never want a letter balloon that is supposed to represent the letter “M” to look like two speed bumps in the road but they might last longer looking like the small “m” rather than the capital one.

By underinflating the balloon, there is room for it to expand without bursting. During the summer months, always get letter balloons and other types of balloons that are two sizes larger than what you would normally purchase. Try to inflate the balloons with air that has the same temperature as the temperature outdoors because this would help them to stay firm and retain their shape. Bear in mind that helium balloons are a huge no-no when used for hot outdoor events under the scorching sun.

3) You can also use products like ‘Balloon Shine’ in order to protect your precious balloons from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Although these products are generally meant for latex balloons, you can also use them on other balloon materials. If the party is outdoors then make use of white balloons because the color white fades less and reflects the sun better. In case the party is at night, try LED balloons because these look very stunning at night as they are glow in the dark.

During the summer months a balloon such as the helium filled ones will lose its floating capacity quickly because it cannot withstand the heat and the wind. It is recommended that you should utilize a type of framework to support your balloons and giving them proper structure. You can also ask the supplier of the letter balloons and other party balloons for the best ways to make them last longer.

Whenever possible, try to organize events indoors instead of outdoors during the summer months. This is the best solution as far as the preservation and protection of letter balloons is concerned.